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Gripper head is the instrument used to drag the weft through shed during rapier weaving. A set of rapier gripper head is composed of entry gripper head and exit gripper head.

Sino Textile is standout provider of rapier grippers to our clients. The manufacturing of rapier head is in strict conformity with industry standards. We adopt the first-class raw material to achieve the best performance of our grippers. Furthermore, our company carries out strict ex-factory inspection to avoid any trouble on customer side.

Our gripper heads embody the features of perfect finish, excellent strength, easy installation, long endurance and precise dimension. These products can be obtained at quite competitive price.

We provide rapier grippers for models including FAST, THEMA11, THEMA11E, THEMA11E SUPEREXCEL, ALPHA, VAMATEX P1001, LENARDO, PANTER, TP500, TP600, SM93, GS900, G6300, G6100, G6200, G6500, GTM, GTM-AS, GTX, GAMMA, OPTIMAX, PGW, DORNIER and etc. We also provide original grippers to domestic rapier loom manufacturers like Kingtex, Rifa, Titan, Wanli, Youjia and etc. Customized design and production is also available according to the specific requirements of our clients.

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